Showdown Finally Taken Place In Ukraine

If we believe the West governments and their jingo news media, Russian President Putin has declared an unjustified war of hostility against helpless Ukrainian people which is causing death, destruction and forcing millions of people to leave their homes, even though the brave Ukrainian military forces are resisting hard against the charging Russian army. 

At the same time the Russian narrative has been practically blocked through virtually censoring all their media outlets and extensive sanctions have been put in place against Russia. Where the reality is different. The crisis of Ukraine is a classic example of a geopolitical strategic maneuver between the United States and Russia which has been developing after the end of the Cold War since 1991. The showdown has finally happening now in Ukraine. The outcome of which will have profound after-effects on the geopolitical future order of the world.

The United States arouse the NATO membership of Ukraine again in 2021, which provoked the Putin government demanding for written guarantees that such expansions would be taking place in the Russian sphere of influence and it would be respected. On the contrary, the situation was triggered by deploying strategic weapons of NATO along the border of Russia and transferring military assistance to Ukraine, which finally provoked the Russian military operation against the neighboring country on February 22. Although Russia is indeed invading a sovereign state, the United States and its partners are not in a self-righteous position. They have attacked and invaded Syria, Libya, and Iraq on bogus grounds. The United States also enforced Monroe Doctrine in Western Hemisphere, which caused the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. All sides must respect the UN Charter, as such Russian sphere of influence must be accepted by the US.

The West which has caused suffering to millions of Libyans, Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghanis which is continuing, is hypocritically condemning Moscow on humanitarian grounds. The racist distinctions by Western media about blonde Ukrainians facing the same fate as Asians and Africans made their case even worse.

Some prominent citizens of the US have contrarily challenged their government’s policy. Diplomats and veterans such as Jack Matlock, Henry Kissinger, George Kenan, and scholars like Noam Chomsky and John Mearsheimer are accusing the United States government responsible for creating the crisis by NATO expansion. They have proposed to accept the geopolitical interests of Russia by building Ukraine as a neutral buffer state such as Austria and Finland. The financial experts have also insisted that sanctions against Russia would be counterproductive and also cause a rise of gas and oil, minerals, and products prices internationally and further grow Europe’s dependency on Russian energy.

China is supporting Russia which is enhancing its ability to resist the sanctions, which further strengthen the alliance between the two countries and causes America to confront two front more dangerous international challenge.

Pakistan has decided to pursue the policy of remaining neutral. And PM Khan was correct in planning ahead of his visit to Russia and meeting President Putin. In the present multi-polar world a balanced policy is required by Pakistan for its strategic interests.