DG ISPR: Word 'Conspiracy' Not Present In National Security Committee Statement

Major General Babar Iftikhar Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) on Thursday stated that after the National Security Committee meeting the previous month, the conspiracy word is not mentioned in its statement. 

After the formation commander’s conference, Major General Babar Iftikhar was replying to the question raised by the journalist after the press conference at General Headquarters. He was asked about the stance of army leadership against the claim made by Imran Khan about the foreign conspiracy which oust his government and whether the National Security Council also endorse such a claim.

As far as military stance, it is fully given in the NSC meeting and the statement was also issued about it, clearly mentioning what conclusion was made in the meeting. All the words are clear and in front of you which are used in the statement. I do not think that there is a word of the conspiracy used in it. 

He also stated that ISI also received the cable from the ambassador to the United States from Pakistan and NSC is briefed according to it.

No role of the military in politics

At the same time, responding to questions about the role of the army in politics, the DG ISPR informed that the army chief was approached by the former prime minister of Pakistan for help and finding a solution to the ongoing political crisis.

He stated that unfortunately, the political leadership of Pakistan was not willing to talk. So the DG ISI and army chief visited the prime minister's office to discuss the three scenarios. Further mentioning that one was prime minister resigns. The other was that a no-trust motion should be held or the no-confidence motion was taken back to dissolve the assemblies. He also made it clear that none of the options were given by the establishment.

Extension of COAS 

DG ISPR also mentioned the army chief extension rumors and stated that let me confirm neither COAS is seeking another extension nor will he be accepting it. COAS will be retiring on Nov 22 at due time.

Major General Babar Iftikhar also replied to a question asked by a journalist that the word neutral does not accurately describe the stance of the army, the word apolitical is much better. As per our constitution and legal setup, any political involvement or affiliation should not exist. 

The United States never demanded military bases

DG ISPR in his reply to a journalist regarding the military bases stated that the army has had the same stance as the ex-prime minister if such a demand of giving military bases would have been made. But in reality, the United States never asked for any military bases.

Political stability and new government

DG ISPR stated that the military could not afford to choose with which government it has a steady relationship and which does not. It is not a choice, as all governments are elected and it is their duty to tell the army what to do.

He also told the reason COAS couldn’t attend the oath-taking ceremony of Shehbaz Sharif was due to illness.

General Iftikhar stated that everything is driven by political stability and national security depends on it.