National Assembly Session Adjourned By Deputy Speaker Till April 3

More than 172 Members of Parliament from benches of opposition attended the National Assembly session held under Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri's chairmanship 

A few minutes after the beginning of a decisive session of NA for debating on the no-trust motion against PM Imran khan, the session was adjourned by the deputy speaker until April 3.

According to the details, the national assembly session begins after more than one hour delay in the House. The session took place under national assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri's chairmanship with more than 172 Members of Parliament from benches of opposition attending the session.

According to the national assembly Secretariat agenda of 24 points for yesterday's session, the no-confidence motion debate against Prime Minister Imran Khan was in fourth place in order.

As soon as the session started, between the questions and answers session, the members of the Opposition start demanding to the deputy speaker for allowed to vote on the no-trust move.

At that point, nearly after10 minutes of the session has begun the deputy speaker stated that due to the Opposition lawmaker’s non-serious behavior the session has been adjourned until Sunday.

Almost around 150 Members of the Opposition have staged the sit-in in the lower house even after the session was adjourned.

Shahbaz Sharif President of PML-N and Opposition Leader in the NA had presented the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran on Mar 28, which made Prime Minister Khan the third PM in the history of Pakistan face the no-confidence motion. 152 members of the opposition signed the notice of no-trust resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Qasim Suri Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly had permitted Shehbaz Sharif to present the no-confidence move against the PM after 161 members of the NA have backed the presentation of this motion.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan minimum of 20% of the total members of the parliament are required for supporting the resolution before its submission and tabling.

The resolution stated that in the view of the House Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost the confidence of National Assembly majority members, therefore, he should resign from his office.

In the meantime, the discussion on the no-trust move had been approved by the deputy speaker of the national assembly which was supposed to take place on Mar 31 at 4 pm. Although, a vote for the resolution is expected to be held around April 1-4.

According to the rules of NA, the resolution can only be voted after the expiry of 3 days or after 7 days from the day the resolution is presented in the National Assembly.

The decision of MQM-P to leave the PTI government support only one day before the debate started on the no-trust move against PM Imran, made the numbers game more interesting.

A total of 172 votes are required by both sides for claiming victory on the voting day of the resolution which was presented on Monday by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.

PTI government had 178 seats with the support of alliance parties, whereas the Opposition had 163 NA seats. But, after consistent efforts by the joint Opposition to pursue the government allies, the numbers have been changed.