Nawaz Sharif Criticized At Imran Khan That He Took U-turns On Everything Why Anyone Would Conspire against Khan

Nawaz Sharif the supremo of PML-N rebuked the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for backpedaling on his every promise and stated that the chairman of PTI has broken the back of Pakistan’s economy, hence there was no good reason for foreign conspiracy against Khan.

Nawaz Sharif asked the ousted prime minister while addressing the press conference in London along with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman of PPP, have you participated in carrying out an atomic blast?

Nawaz Sharif who was removed from the prime minister’s office by Supreme Court in 2017 stated that during the government of PML-N the economy of the country was heading in the right direction.

Nawaz stated that now we have to repair the damage which has been done to the economy of the country. And also emphasized that ousting Imran khan from power was necessary for the development of the country.

He also stated that there has been never such a hostile environment of politics in Pakistan as it was during the tenure of the PTI government. Only hooliganism and immorality culture was promoted by Khan.

Noticing that there was a huge challenge the new government is facing, he suggested for collaboration of all the parties to resolve the issues of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif stated that now Pakistan needs to work together as we saw during the Imran Khan’s four years in power, he took U-turns on every promise he made and always did the opposite of it.

Mocking the chairman of PTI, Nawaz stated that Khan claimed that he would take his life before asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for financial assistance. He stated that till now he did not take his own life.

Concluding his address, Nawaz Sharif thanked Bilawal Bhutto for visiting his office and informed the journalists that tomorrow they would be holding another meeting, without providing any details.

Bilawal Bhutto while speaking with journalists in London stated that the coalition government is trying to the restoration of the country’s democracy once again. 

He stated that there was a democratic conspiracy against Imran Khan and not a foreign conspiracy. And this conspiracy was hatched in Bilawal House and not in the White House.

He stated that sacrifices made by Nawaz Sharif for democracy were evident in front of everyone and mentioned that he came for meeting the supremo of PML-N as today everyone become on the same page to resolve the issues of Pakistan.

He stated that PPP and PML-N will solve the issues of Pakistan once become on the same page and he also urged all institutions of Pakistan to stay within their constitutional parameters.

He called Imran Khan's removal the premier historical incident further stating that PPP and PML-N together made history in the past.

Bilawal also talked about the efforts made by both parties to overthrow the former premier government. It took around four years for the joint Opposition to end the rule of the selected government via a no-confidence motion in a constitutional way.