IK Said in Sialkot Jalsa If Something Happens To Him Recorded video Will Be Released

On Saturday the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan stated that if anything happens to him, he will release the video that he has recorded about the characters who are behind the conspiracy against his government.

While addressing the Sialkot jalsa the ousted prime minister stated that to end his life a conspiracy was hatched and although he know about it earlier, now he has enough evidence to confirm it.

Taking into account an alleged conspiracy to kill him, the chairman of PTI stated that he has recorded and stored a video in a safe place in which he has revealed all the characters who were behind the conspiracy of ousting his government.

The chairman of PTI stated without mentioning the names they have planned to kill me, and that is why I’ve recorded the video as what I’m doing, I do not consider politics, but for me it is jihad.

Khan stated that he has mentioned the names of all the people in his video who were involved in the conspiracy at home and abroad. “I’ve told the names of every person in the video who have conspired against my government are carved on my heart.”

The chairman of PTI stated the cause behind making his video was that powerful individuals in Pakistan are not held accountable, therefore, he will expose all who went against the interest of the country through his video.

Khan stated that during his government, he desired to hold the corrupt politicians accountable because the powerful individual who could do corruption have accepted it now as a norm.

The ex-prime minister urged the public to come out of their homes against the current government in support of PTI, as if they don’t do it, they will have no future.

A series of rallies have been held by the ousted prime minister across Pakistan in different cities, which include, Lahore, Jhelum, Mianwali, Karachi, and Peshawar, as he prepared his party workers before Islamabad march against the current government. 

Khan stated that by taking a suo moto on the no-confidence vote night, the judiciary has taken a good initiative by opening the gates of the courts. 

He told the judiciary that against CM Hamza Shahbaz, his brother Salman Shahbaz and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Rs24 billion corruption cases were filed.

Imran Khan said that tells him about a country where government authorities make cases against you and you remove all those officials who come into power, who are investigating these cases against the corrupt politicians.

Khan paid tribute to former FIA director Dr. Rizwan who continued investigating cases of corruption against the Sharif mafia. But, Dr. Rizwan came under pressure and passed away due to a heart attack, when the PML-N government came into power and pressurized him. Khan alleged that yesterday Nadeem Akhtar who is another FIA official also suffered from a heart attack.

The chairman of PTI informed the judiciary that the institutions were destroyed in front of you and if the institution's condition keeps deteriorating, then the country can’t survive.