Islamabad Court Has Ruled That Shahbaz Gill Is Not Well And Ordered Another Medical Examination

ISLAMABAD: An Islamabad judge ordered a further medical assessment for PTI leader Shahbaz Gill on Friday, going to cite his "unhealthful condition."

The order was handed down after the police decided to seek an 8-day expansion in his physical judicial custody in a sedition lawsuit brought against him by the Kohsar Police Department over anti-army remarks made on television.

"Shahbaz Gill's situation is not nice; he should undergo another medical assessment," the court decided, ordering officials to retain SHAHBAZ GILL at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) until Monday.

Judicial Magistrate Raja Farrukh Ali Khan rejected Gill's lawyer's direct appeal that the 2-day remand given on August 17 was already accomplished, and said the remand hadn't even begun and ordered the trial to submit a medical report at the next trial.

"Shahbaz Gill has asthma; perform medical tests," the judge commanded.

Prior, the PTI leader has been picked from the PIMS with a ventilator on it and brought to court under strict security.

Gill became ill following a court order

During the trial, Special State Prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi stated when Gill was taken to the hospital, a medical examination was performed to evaluate his health.

It is not stated that if an accused person is ill, he or she will not be released to officers on physical remand "Abbasi contended.

According to the prosecutor, the prison doctors informed the Islamabad High Court (IHC) that once the suspect arrived at the jail cell, he was perfect as well as the medical report was common.

Abbasi contended and sought an extension in his remand after the doctor told the IHC that Gill became ill after the court granted his physical remand.

During his assertions, Gill's lawyer, Faisal Chaudhry, tried to claim that the clinical report indicates that his client was tortured.

This lawsuit is scheduled to be heard by the IHC on Monday, and he has objected to the cop's proposal for an extension of awaiting trial.

Healthy and fit

Previously, a PIMS health authority confirmed the PTI leader was "fit" & "healthy," with the potential to be expelled at any time.

According to the report, the PTI leader underwent 10 different diagnostic exams and x-rays at the health center which were all declared "clear." As per sources, the report found no proof of torture.

A district & sessions judge ordered Gill, who has been detained as of August 9, into police detention for another 48 hours on Wednesday. Even so, the PTI filed an appeal in the High Court of Islamabad.

That after the court decided to extend his remand, the PTI leader's situation reportedly started to deteriorate, causing him to be transferred to PIMS from Adiala Jail after such an hours-long controversy.

The IGP of Islamabad has decided to order to investigate accusations of torture.

The IHC on Thursday guided the Police Inspector General (IGP) Islamabad to send a detailed report on the accusation of the torture of Gill in police detention, along with the scandal at Adiala Jail over the suspect's custody.

The judge also allowed Gill's lawyers to visit him at the medical facility in which he was getting treatment.