The United Nations Has Issued A $160 Million Flash Appeal To Assist Pakistan In Dealing With Severe Flooding

On Tuesday, the United Nations and even the Pakistani government approved a flash appeal for $160 million to support the region in dealing with severe flooding that killed over 1,100 people, infrastructure damage, and crops, and impacted 33 million people.

The money will provide food, water, hygiene, urgent education, security, and health resources to 5.2 million people, United Nations secretary Antonio Guterres stated in a televised speech did play at the Foreign Office (FO), describing the flood damage as a "colossal crisis."

The aid, which will cover the first 6 months of managing disasters, will also help to prevent cholera outbreaks and provide food to moms and their small kids.

Pakistan is rife with suffering. The Pakistanis are facing a monsoon on steroids, with unexpected rain and flooding," Guterres stated.

He called the massive flooding a "climate catastrophe," trying to claim that South Asia was an access point for the world’s largest environmental crisis. People who live in these trouble spots are 15 times more likely to pass away as a consequence of climate change, said the UN Secretary-General.

As we proceed to witness more and more weather extremes events occurring around the world, it is ridiculous that climate change action has been put on hold while worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise, trying to put all of us everywhere and in rising danger, he added.

According to the FM, rainfall in Pakistan as of mid-June has been 3 times the 30-year national average, with the southern, middle, and northern areas of the country being the worst impacted.

He predicted that the magnitude of damage induced by this year's floods will be greater than that of 2010's "mega or strong floods."

He revealed information about the magnitude of the damage, saying 72 districts had been proclaimed disaster-hit, over 33 million people had been affected — this same size of a tiny country — over 1,000 individuals had died, and numerous others were dealing with the loss of their livelihoods and dislocation.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have been relocated and compelled to spend nights and days under a ruthless sky and lack of food and water.

Furthermore, he stated that the destruction of connectivity and rail line networks was adversely affecting efforts to provide aid and relocate persons from flood-affected regions to safer locations.

The situation, according to the FM, was likely to worsen as more rain fell on already flooded areas. This is nothing short of a national emergency for us. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The floods had begun taking a cost on the economy and extended the country's resources, according to the FM.

He stated that the federal government was aware of its obligations and had set aside $173 million to aid flood victims via direct cash payments. This, according to Bilawal, will be distributed through the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to 1.5 million families, each of whom will obtain Rs25,000 ($115) in cash immediately.