France Comes To The Aid Of Flood-Ravaged Pakistan With An International Conference

At an international conference this year, France has decided to step forward in an act of compassion to support the revival of Pakistan’s Economic growth and poverty reduction and reconstruction in the aftermath of devastating floods.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif & French President Emmanuel Macron met on the verge of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

Aside from exchanging views on bilateral relations, the two presidents discussed mobilizing global support for Pakistan to try and recover and reconstruct its economy on a sustainable basis in the aftermath of climatic change floods.

France will organize an international forum before the end of the year to gather relevant international financial partners and development agencies to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of water areas in Pakistan and, with the help of climate-resilient reconfiguration funding, accelerate the renewable energy transition.

On the frontlines of the UNGA, the premier also met with Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

PM Shehbaz emphasized the importance of deepening Pakistan-Spain relations, with a focus on inter-parliamentary relations as well as defense and security cooperation.

The Spanish president urged bilateral cooperation in the energy industry as well as people-to-people contact information.

The prime minister applauded the Spanish government's solidarity and support in the aftermath of huge floods caused by global warming in Pakistan, and he wanted to thank Spain for its humanitarian assistance to the people affected. He described the destruction caused by the flooding to crops, homes, cattle, and vital infrastructure.

Pakistan, Based on the prime minister, Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change's consequences the global community would step up and help minimize the flood's negative effects by actively participating in the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.

In the local environment, the prime minister emphasized support for an Afghanistan that is inclusionary, peaceful, steady, successful, and attached. He went on to say that Afghanistan was in a dire humanitarian crisis.

He emphasized that the worldwide community's prolonged, pragmatic, and meaningful interaction with Afghanistan was crucial for ensuring the wellbeing of the Afghan people & trying to promote shared goals of unity, security, and growth in the country.

The Prime Minister invited PM Sanchez to visit Pakistan as soon as possible. Shehbaz Sharif and Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer met individually to review diplomatic ties and exchange views on local affairs.

The prime minister emphasized the massive destruction wrought by unparalleled climate-induced floods in Pakistan and the government's efforts to deal with the massive challenge. He wanted to thank Austria for its unquestioning support for the GSP+ system, highlighting that the mutual benefit arrangement had produced positive outcomes for both parties.

The pm also met with Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, who expressed his gratefulness to the Iranian government and individuals for their support and solidarity for the Pakistani people in the aftermath of huge floods.

During the gathering, the 2 leaders agreed to expand and deepen bilateral cooperation in a variety of areas, including trade and economic cooperation, energy and interconnection, cultural contacts, and individual contacts.