In The Terrorism Case, Islamabad Court Has Extended Imran's Bail Until September-20

An Islamabad anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Monday prolonged PTI chief and former PM Imran Khan's meantime pre-arrest bail until September 20 in linkage with the terrorist activity case filed against him.

With his vehicle covered in rose petals, the PTI chairman showed up in court amidst strict security. Imran kept his mouth shut as he found his way inside. He did, however, tell members of the media that he was "very dangerous."

The PTI chief was charged with terrorism under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act on August 20 after making incendiary comments against Extra Sessional Judge Zeba Chowdhury and Islamabad Police officials during a protest in Islamabad.

A second case was filed against the former prime minister for violating Section 144. Even so, new sections were added later to the FIR, which even the PTI chief challenged in court.

At the previous trial, the special prosecutor clarified the implantation of the segments and did admit that they were not at first included in the FIR.

Sections 504 (purposeful insult with intent to cause a disturbance of the peace), 506 (punishment for indictable offenses), 186 (three-month imprisonment), and 188 (disobedience to an order) were among them.

He also brought into question as to if Section 161 of the Code of Criminal Process (CrPC) (examination of witnesses by police) needed a suspect to show up at a police department for the investigation.

According to Awan, Imran's declaration was written down but was never included in the inquiry. "If the judge rules," he said, "Imran will travel to the police station and join the inquiry," trying to add that he had decided to offer to let the PTI chief documentation his assertion before the court.

He continued by stating that the instance was "only two lines," and that the remainder of the issue had gone to the courts.

"This will occur when you assemble all the thieves in Islamabad," he said, implying the government. Awan also mentioned that the jury could issue the IO a show-cause notice for trying to conduct a flawed investigation.

He also blasted the governing party for supposedly interrupting YouTube services throughout the country to limit the protection of Imran's rallies.

In his assertions, prosecuting attorney Abbasi stated that the issue at hand was the suspect's participation in the inquiry. He stated that the most effective method would be determined by the JIT or the IO.

"The judge questioned. The prosecuting attorney responded that it was up to the IO's discretion.

Awan gave a summary of today's deliberations to the mainstream press after the hearing ended.

"The said Imran still hadn't participated in the investigation. "I stated he'd be here in a minute, let's do it," he said, adding that the fee against Imran in the ATC had been lowered to "two sentences" following the IHC's contempt deliberations.

Awan stated that this was largely a plan to "minus Imran," which would end up backfiring.