The Nation Will Never Forget The "Traitors" Who Imposed An "Imported Government" On Us: Imran

Former Prime Minister & PTI Chairman Imran Khan has stated that the nation will never forget the "traitors" who tried to impose this "imported government" on them, trying to accuse the current rulers of ruining the country's economy.

I will not welcome these thieves and therefore will remain in competition with them and their financiers until I die," he said on Monday while speaking at a rally in Punjab's Chakwal district.

Imran claimed that all areas of the economy were thriving during his tenure until the then-opposition and "plotters" toppled his governing party, triggering a financial crisis throughout the country.

With the assistance of their paid media houses, they operate a public relations campaign against my administration, claiming that the country's economy was going to sink during my tenure," he,” says.

Similarly, the price levels of other commodities, such as flour and rice, have risen dramatically in the last 5 months, he added.

People have been shattered by inflation... During his tenure, the country's economy was growing at its fastest rate in 17 years, he continued to insist.

They [the government] have decided to commit financial murder against farm owners... Exports are decreasing, industries are closing, and unemployment is high, he claimed.

The country and Allah will not pardon you for exposing the country to persecution by imposing thieves on the masses, Imran said to the 'traitors.'

According to the PTI chairman, his government left a deficit in current accounts of 16 billion dollars while increasing the country's exports to 63 billion dollars.

Appointment on merit by the COAS

In making comparisons himself to PPP and PML-N leaders, Imran stated that, with exception of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he wasn't really "nurtured" in the establishment's nursery as well as was elected after 22 decades of political struggle.

Without meritocratic, no country can continue to thrive. You have no destiny when 60% of our cabinet is out on parole and our rulers are Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari, he added.

He also repeated outrageous comments that drew condemnation from the army and the governing coalition.

Army chiefs must be hired on merit, and I believe that only countries that follow merit grow and flourish. He stated that Zardari and Nawaz cannot be permitted to assign the next army chief as they see no one beyond their relatives.

If their party had merit, Zardari & Bilawal wouldn't be the rulers of their party [PPP]... Correspondingly, if the [PML-N] had followed validity, Hamza would not have been a chief minister.

DG ISPR, you should have gotten me right regarding army chief consultation comments, Imran said, referring to his deeply divided remarks that enraged the military.

Break the fear of idol

Imran asserted that he was not engaged in politics, but instead in the fight for real freedom and jihad.

Break the idol of fear... do not be afraid of those who threaten you with secret numbers. If they endanger you, you should react in kind.

"If any Mr. X or Mr. Y is daunting to you, you must react to their dangers." Do what you can... we'll react as well," he added.