IHC Grants Bail To Imran Khan In The Prohibited Funding Case Until The 18th

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) approved PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s protective bail until next week in the forbidden funding case and guided him to contact the appropriate court.

After appearing in court on the commands of Chief Justice Athar Minallah, the PTI chief was granted bail against recognizance of Rs5,000 until October 18 in the forbidden funding case enrolled by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

When the hearing was resumed, the extra attorney general argued that barrier protection bail is granted in cases involving a different province. However, Khan's lawyer, Barrister Salman Safdar, told the court that they approached the high court after the special court declined to hear the bail pleas of two of the accused persons in the case.

We had no choice but to approach the Supreme Court, the lawyer explained to Justice Minallah. The IHC CJ then stated that the bail implementation, in this case, should be heard by the special court.

After hearing the comment, the government's lawyer admitted in court that they were stunned by the special court's decision. If there was a problem, the IHC Court stated that his court would confer bail to the PTI chief until the case was heard by the special court.

We're approving protective bail, Justice Minallah said. He went on to say that the jury would keep the specific instance on trial for the time being and would hear the plea if the issue was not resolved. Barrister Khan is Khan's lawyer at this point.

We are approving protective bail, Justice Minallah stated. He went on to say that the judge would keep the case on trial for the time being and would hear the direct appeal if the issue was not resolved. At this point, Khan's lawyer, Barrister Safdar, began arguing about the case's merits. However, Justice Minallah noted that the council wished for the case to be dismissed.

This is our request, the lawyer said to the judge. However, the judge informed him that legal avenues for dismissing the case were available to him. The PTI chief applied for protective bail at the IHC on Wednesday, but the registrar rejected the request with objections. When the IHC CJ heard the petition, the objections were dropped.

Earlier Wednesday, when Justice Minallah did hear the plea, the PTI chairman's lawyer told the court that Imran Khan faced arrest. The IHC CJ then asked the prosecutor where his client was and why he hadn't appeared in court.

If the court orders, the lawyer told the judge, Imran Khan will have seemed before it immediately. Hearing this, the IHC CJ instructed the lawyer to request that his client appears at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. However, the lawyer stated that it would be extremely late and that his client could appear in court in 30 minutes. "All right, then come [by then]," the IHC CJ said to the lawyer.

The court also ordered that the PTI chief not be arrested until he went on trial and that the police refrain from harassing him. The FIA had decided to book PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the forbidden funding case the day before, as the agency ramped up its investigation into the matter.