Live Stream Of PTI Leaders Speeches Bared By Pemra

ISLAMABAD: As the PTI began its "haqeeqi azadi long march" from Lahore, the digital media controller issued a directive directing all personal TV channels not to broadcast the march or PTI leaders' speeches live.

The Pakistan Digital Devices Regulatory Agency (Pemra) also chastised private Television networks for failing to implement a delay method during live coverage.

Without going to name any political party or leader, the regulator stated that a speech was broadcast live on Friday during which "statements against state institutions were made apparently referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan's speech in the afternoon at the beginning of his march on Islamabad.

While monitoring today's transmissions, it was discovered that throughout the speech telecast now, statements critical of state institutions were broadcast live.

Given the foregoing, all licensees are once again aimed to halt live telecasts of content/programs while trying to cover the long march and public speaking of PTI leaders."

The regulator also ordered that all satellite Television channels, including those classified as regional language channels, follow the guidelines to enact delay mechanism needs during live broadcasts.

The advisory also instructed the channels to "refrain from airing subject matter that is morally equivalent to malign/disgrace state institutions," as well as to "sensitize editorial boards, bureaus, and field reporters" to ensure compliance with the directives.

The authority referred to an order issued by the Islamabad High Court on September 5 ordering all licensed news and current events TV channels to cease live telecasting of content and initiatives without a time delay mechanism.

The IHC also aimed the channels to keep Pemra updated on the application of its directives.

Following that, Pemra issued orders to all channels to use a "maximum time delay mechanism" during live broadcasts in accordance with Clause 5 of the 2015 Code of Conduct.

The streams were also aimed to submit specifications for the machinery used for the purpose.

According to the Sep 5 directive, editorial boards or in-house monitoring committees should be formed to draft SOP for this purpose, and detailed information about the committees should be sent to Pemra.

However, the new advisory stated that despite the nearly two-month lapse, only five TV channels had submitted their responses, which were also deemed "not satisfactory."

Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi headed over a meeting at the CM Office on Friday, during which the security arrangements for the long march, the route of the long march, and the deployment of the police force were discussed.

The chief minister directed that foolproof security arrangements be made for the long march and that special arrangements be made to keep law and order along the entire route of the long march.

He stated that the formed security plan must be followed in both letter and spirit and that the police and administration must leave no stone unturned to protect the lives and property of the people. 

He directed that all departments involved ensure the maintenance of law and order through an excellent coordinating body, and that substitute arrangement be made to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. 

The CM directed that the coordination committee hold daily meetings and that steps be taken.