On October 28, The PTI Will Begin A Long March To Islamabad: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced on Tuesday that his party's long march forward toward Islamabad for the country's "haqeeqi azadi" would begin on October 28 at Lahore's Liberty Chowk.

The former premier told a news conference in Lahore, bordered by the party's top leadership, that the march will begin at 11 a.m. from the Liberty Chowk and that he will lead it himself.

This is our rally for haqeeqi azaadi, and there is no end date. We will arrive in Islamabad via the GT Road, and even the nation will arrive from all over Pakistan.

I predict this will be the largest crowd of people in the country's history, Imran predicted. He went on to say that its long march was not politics, but rather a war for Pakistan's future.

This is a struggle for freedom from these robbers who have been imposed on us, far beyond politics. This jihad will determine the fate of the country.

Extending on the march's demands, the former prime minister stated that he only wished for one thing: The decision of who will lead the country belongs to the people.

We want the people to make the decision. Today, I am attempting to appeal to the entire nation to decide whether we want to continue on this path of becoming a free nation or serve these thieves.

He stated that the rally would be peaceful in response to a question. We will not violate the law or enter the Red Zone. Whatever happens in Islamabad will be in accordance with what the court system has permitted. We have instructed everyone to remain calm, and we will simply show up.

The PTI chief stated at the start of the media briefing that the march had been planned in advance. On May 25, we held a peaceful demonstration, but they attacked us with violence. And if I hadn't called it off, there would have been discord and bloodshed in the country the next day, he said. As a result, to save my nation and avoid chaos, I called it off, he added.

Imran went on to say that he desired to clarify the march's purpose because he had been told that he was being reckless because the country was in crisis.

I'd like to remind the nation that when we took office in 2018, Pakistan was bankrupt and had the world's largest foreign deficit.

According to the PTI chief, journalists in Pakistan are currently facing the very worst form of oppression. There is no example of the kind of inequities and limitations they have tried to impose on the media in any other democracy.

However, what they did to Arshad Sharif was the most distressing for the journalist community. I've never seen anything like this in Pakistan, he said.

The journalist was killed in Kenya in an apparent case of "mistaken identity." Imran described the killing as a targeted attack at a lawyer's convention in Peshawar today.

During a media briefing in Lahore, the PTI chief stated that everyone knew Sharif was a journalist who never compromised.