The Drone Crashed Into Lahore Orange Line Metro Station

A drone crashed into the window of the adjoining Washing Point Building early Wednesday morning, according to the FIR, which was filed by Orange Line Metro Station security officer Pall Nazir Masih. The broken glass and drone then fell into the metro station below.

According to police, a spy camera was discovered inside the plane, and the bomb disposal squad discovered no explosive material from the remote-controlled plane.

The drone crashed inside the Ali Town terminal’s empty track. According to police, a camera was attached to the drone plane. Police are investigating where and why the drone landed.

Relevant authorities, including the bomb disposal squad, arrived at the crash site, and investigations into the incident from various angles have begun.

According to the details, the drone collided with the Lahore Orange Line train station. Surprisingly, the police claimed that a spy camera was discovered inside the drone. The bomb disposal squad was also called, but no explosives were discovered.

They stated that the drone was approximately six feet and four inches long, with a wingspan of approximately thirteen feet.

Officials have also stated that they are investigating what materials the drone is made of, who may have built it, and where it came from.

Later, police filed an FIR under Section 440 of the Criminal Procedure Code against unidentified individuals.

Section 440: Mischief committed after preparation for causing death or hurt: Whoever commits mischief after preparing for causing death, or hurt, or wrongful restraint, or fear of death, or hurt, or of wrongful restraint, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term of up to five years, and shall also be fined.

The police called in a bomb disposal team, who determined that the drone was devoid of any explosive material after a thorough examination. The Special Protection Unit is in charge of the security in the area. The unit notified the police and mass transit authority as soon as the incident was reported to them, and intelligence agencies are also investigating. However, no department has stated the drone plane, where it came from, and why, or whether it is a spy drone.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have seized and are inspecting the military drone, while the Pakistan Army’s media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), has yet to state the incident.

While the drone is being investigated, social media users speculate that it came from India because Lahore shares a border with India. This is not the first time an unidentified drone has crashed in Pakistan. A US spy plane crashed into Pakistani territory near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Balochistan in 2011.

The drone was surveying the border when it crashed 300 meters inside Pakistani territory near the Pishin Scouts compound in Chaman. The drone was carrying no weapons and was most likely used for surveillance. The wreckage was taken over by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies.

The Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) was taking aerial photographs of border areas on the Pakistani side of the LoC when it was shot down by Pakistani troops assigned to guard-forward posts in the AJK district of Bhimbher.